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    We provide systems to weigh and package a wide range of products including fine powders, granular free-flowing materials, rocks, and other materials. We can determine the system that is best for your application and can deliver the level of automation that your application requires. We also provide service and repair.

    A wide variety of weighing and bagging systems are available for open mouth bags, valve bags, bulk bags, weighing control systems, batch blending, ...

Industrial Software.

Diverse Software for may be applied to a wide spectrum of applications like weighing, batching , ... in industrial processes.
Bagging Information Explorer
Bagging Information Explorer Software, BIE V 5.3 

Open Mouth Bag Equipment.
Open mouth equipment is designed to work with various types of open mouth bags, including paper, plastic,  polypropylene, jute/canvas, ...

Valve Bag Equipment.
Valve bag equipment is designed to work with various types of valve bags including paper, and plastic.

Bulk Bag Equipment.
Bulk Bag equipment is designed for weighing, loading, and unloading bulk bags up to 2,000 kg. Filling Stations are available with bulk and dribble speeds to provide accurate weighments. Bagging rate always depends upon the characteristics and quality of the product, bag type, bag weight, the efficiency of the operator(s) and the level of the automation of the system.

Floor Scales.
TI 500
Electronic Floor Scales

Sturdy deck design prevents washboarding effects. 
Wide range of sizes and capacities. Customizable to fit your application. Can be installed in-floor or into an existing pit. One-year limited warranty. 

 Technical Data Sheet

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