E 30 / E 15

Industrial Net Weight Scales

    Our series of Industrial Scales are according to the demands of accuracy, weighing rate and reliability for the bagging systems, bulk and process controls.

The E 30 main characteristics are:

E 30 G2 Scale
  • Diverse High Speed Feeders for the weighing of any kind of products with several conditions of maximum     accuracy and weighing rate.
  • The design of the machine allows an easy cleaning and easy to maintain. Modular and very compact design.
  • Few parts in motion, soft activators. High reliability and low energy consumption. 
  • The measures of the machine are expressly studied for a minimum required space of  the installation plans and a maximum performances.
  • Specially recommended for filling bag stations, bulk and process controls.

Depending on the products are possible to do bagging rates of 1200 bags/hour.

Standard Weighing range E 30 is for 25 to 50 kg.
Standard Weighing range E 15 is for 5 to 25 kg.
G2 Feeder
S19 Arms

The E 30 Industrial Net Weight Scale is designed for weighing all kind of products, such as:

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