Inner Valve Bag Placer


    Our Bag Placer IVBPH can be used with combination of rather all bagging machines for horizontal valve or slightly inclined.
    This Bag  Placer is mounted floor level, without modify the bagging machine.


    This system is based in a new intelligent machine philosophy and use the most cool technology.     Engineering carried out with integral standard components.
    Yet it is not enough that a machine works correctly, also it has to work with security and completely without fault tolerant.


The Bag Placer IVBPH are the fruit of the evolution and accumulated experiences obtained with the construction and installation of the automatic bag placers in different industrial sectors.

The system is composted by an equipped applicator  with vacuum vents that catches the valve bag; a pneumatic presser that opens the bag valve and a clamp pincer to secure place of the bag in the filling mouth and guarantee the continuos control of the bag for all the process. An  horizontal displacement arm is dedicated top place the bag in the bagging machine. The installation drive is through electric and  pneumatic way. A vacuum pump of vanes feeds the necessary low for the vents.

The applicator is combined, in standard version with a bag store M4. This store has capability for a few 300 empty bags and allows its recharge without non stop periods.
Are possible other capabilities by request. The store is able to be filled for bags with valve on the right or left. The system is without maintenance.

Possibility of codify, tagging with self adhesive tags or mark empty bags.



Kind of bag: Bags: Bag dimensions: Store capability:

number of bags   length

Since          375   3000 mm
                   525   4000 mm.
                  750    5500 mm.
                 1200   8000 mm.

Compressed air:

Electric power:
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