Mobile Bagging Systems

Proven fast return on capital investment

    A Mobile Bagging System can reduce operating costs and increase facility utilisation by turning-round vessels and
vehicles quicker by cutting demurrage and wharfage by more economic bulk transportation with bagging at destination by
avoidance of intermediate bulk material storage.
Small Mobil Bagging System with G 30 Scale
Gross Weighing Scale G 30

Proven high performance system

Bagging up to 120 tonnes each hour, into open-mouth sacks, into valve bags, into F.I.B.C.'s.

Proven reliability & flexibility

Mobile, Self-Contained and capable of operating 24 hours a  day, day after day virtually anywhere. A whole range of Mobile Bagging Systems designed to take precise account of  varying customer requirements, such as production rates,
aggressive products, environmental extremes (- 20C to + 40C).

Single source system supply

Power Robotics can also supply matched high performance infeed conveyors, pre-conditioning and other materials          handling machinery for off-loading bulk material, and mobile telescopic conveyors for discharging the bagged product to
distribution vehicles or into stockyards.

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