Open Mouth Bag Placers


    Our OMBP ( Open Mouth Bag Placers ) series have increased and improved the profitability and performances of bag filling stations.
Can be used for paper, plastic and PP tissue open mouth bags.
There are different models depending on the required automation level, the bag sizes and the bag kinds.

The OMBP Series main characteristics are:

  • Without any particular regulation for plastic and paper bags using.
  • Fast and easy adaptation for working with different lengths and widths of the empty bags.
  • Few parts in motion, soft activators. High reliability and low energy consumption. 
  • The operator(s) are not in the bag filling zone, due to this fact is possible the manipulation of dangerous products.
  • Robust, rational and compact construction, high reliability and security of working.

Depending on the products and the model are possible to arrange bagging rates of 1200 bags/hour.

Can be combined with Industrial Net Weighters or Gross Wheighters.

The OMBP series are suitable for many products, such as:

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