Fluidification Bag Filling Machine

    Our EVAL_2 Fluidification Bag Filling Machine is designed for weighing/bagging products of difficult manipulation, powders and fine granulated.

The EVAL_2 main characteristics are:

EVAL 2 Series
  • The joint of fluidification/uperpress allows a treatment of the product with sweetness and without any deterioration.
  • The design of the machine allows an easy cleaning of the parts in contact with the product.
  • The uperpress compact the product and allows a bag sizes saving.
  • Well finish for the full bag.
  • Our throw out system for full bags allows a perfect pelletizing and bag evacuation.

Depending on the products are possible to do bagging rates of 500 bags/hour.

Standard Weighing range is for 20 to 50 Kg.

The EVAL_2 Bagging Machine is specially engineered and designed for bagging products of high cost in the market:

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