GE 30 GV

Gross Gravity Packer for Valve Bags

    Our GE 30 GV Gross Gravity Packer weights and fills valve bags with free flowing materials, anything from PE-granular to chemical products.

The GE 30 GV main characteristics are:

  • High reliability of operation in continuous work.
  • Rapid change-over to other bag sizes.
  • Low energy consumption, the product flows free to bag. The filling system has a little consumption of energy.
  • Optimal filling grade of the bag.
  • Clean filling of bag. The air inside of the bag is carried  to dust collector.
  • Secure bag closing by bag ejection with front-head.
  • Well finish for the full bag.
  • Produces box-shaped bags ready for pallets and transportation.

Depending on the products are possible to do bagging rates of 300 bags/hour.

Standard Weighing range is for 20 to 50 Kg.

The GE 30 GV Bagging Machine is specially engineered and designed for bagging any kind of free flowing products:

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