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Main characteristics

visto Acurated weighing.

visto Reduced dust emission.

visto Well finish for the full bag.

visto Easy and economical full automation (bag, placers bag closure,...).

visto Ecofriendly, possibility of using bags made with sustainable materials.


Presentation Eval_2

The Eval_2 fluidizer bagger is based on the concept of pneumatic transport in dense phase of the material to be packaged. By means of fluidization the product acquires physical principles of fluid, which allows it to behave like a liquid, facilitating its manipulation and bagging.

The engineering of Power Robotics has studied the system and the air flows, to achieve a perfect fluidification, and through a low pressure to ensure the evacuation of the product to the bag, with a fast flow and a very regular flow. The overpressure in the bag, during the filling, helps to compact the product and optimizes the volumetric use of the bag. Critical factors in the packing of pulverulent products.

The Eval_2 fluidizing bagger includes a filling system for valve bags. A supply with low pressure compressed air. A electronic weighing device with extensiometric load cell, and an electronic command module with microprocessor.





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