Bag Dump Station


Bag dump stations provide a convenient and efficient method to manually introduce small to medium bags of powders and bulk solids into the production cycle.
Bag Dump Stations

    Power Robotics bag dump stations come in three configurations which are designed to limit product loss during the bag dumping process, without creating a dusty environment. Each may be specified as part of a complete Power Robotics conveying system, as a stand-alone unit and/or custom engineered to attach to your processing equipment. Dust collection can be obtained through external collection or self contained and confined within the process. All of Power Robotics's bag dump stations come equipped with a stainless steel safety grate coupled to a power cut off switch for operator safety. A wide selection of options are available to help increase and assure uniform product flow.

Typical Bag Dump Hood Configurations

Bag dump station hood with no dust collection.
Bag dump station "Dust Control" configured for connection to external dust collector.
Bag dump station "Dust Control" configured for self-contained operation.

Power Robotics Self Contained Cartridge Filter Dust Collection

With pulse jet cleaning system and low profile design

Dependable Design

Externally mounted centrifugal blower featuring aluminum construction.

Compressed air header and solenoids for automatic filter cleaning.

Safety grate power cut-off switch mechanism.

Gas cylinders to counter door weight.


Power Robotics has an extensive line of controls - each tailored to the job at hand. For standard operations, the wet environments involved in compete wash downs or for situations where dust may create hazardous explosive conditions, we can provide a solution.

High Capacity, Self Contained, Cartridge Filter Dust Collection With pulse jet cleaning system

Features two filters for added capacity and more flexiblity in difficult applications

Keeps your product confined within the production cycle

Offered, in a system, as a bag dump station component or independently, to be interfaced with your equipment

No external ducting necessary

No auxiliary fans / filters or make-up air required

Easy maintenance with no special tools required

Single function controls are standard

99.9% filter efficiency down to 1 micron

Shipped completely, shop assembled

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