Flour Mill Throughput Software


Software for the control and data acquisition.

    It is an application specially dessigned for monitoring, data explotation and command in Flour Mills.
It is a cool application based on Windows 95 - NT, there are compatible integrated data bases. The process is supervised and controlled directly by a digital net. The centralized data of the process show clear informations, however they improve the general throughput of the mill.


Taking into acount the specific needs of each system, it is possible to configure the different scales, which are in this one and the different groups and subgroups which become from. All these allows a clear, precise and logic control of the Mill.
Maintly the system is composed by three groups:


The information is displayed by different forms; so as graffic displays, icones and alpha numerics. According to the user preferences. And its easy comprehension and monitoring.
On the other hand, has a configurable security system, which allows the different users a restricted access to the system. This one is based on a password level.

It is possible to integrate enterprise networks, like Ethernet to display or command the system since other places. And the stadistic data explotation to suit the needs of every customer. The system is completely compatible with a multi-user environement.
General screen, displays the scale setup.
Startup screen.
Extraction screen.

Different ranges of data monitoring.
Historic screen.

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