Batching Systems

Batching Control System

    POWER ROBOTICS company specializes in menu driven batching systems. The operator reads the prompts on the display screen, follows the simple directions and the batching takes care of itself. For example: an operator would enter the formula number and the batch size required. The scale would bring up the formula from memory, compare the requested batch size against the standard stored in memory, reformat each ingredient amount and ask for verification from the operator. The operator presses "start" and the batching process begins. With load cells installed under each leg of the vessel, each ingredient can be weighed very accurately and consistently. Using a function called "Preact"; the scale automatically raises and lowers the target weight to compensate for the amount of ingredient free fall. This results in consistent batches of material from lot to lot.

The Batching Solution Kit is used for middle ranged batching applications in different industries like food, cosmetics, glass, asphalt, concrete, plastics and chemical processings. There is the BCS 5.0 recipe and production management system, as well as including reporting, which represents a central user interface for batching applications by controlling up to 32 weighing and batching instruments WI-130 by max. 32 weighing points. The PC based software BCS 5.0 provides a powerful user-friendly windows interface to the process and to the batching controllers. The main features are....

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