Our AR_MIX mixers can be used practically in all sort of industrial sectors, where is needed a production of compounds beginning from other compounds more elemental, to summarize:

AR_MIX 2000


AR_MIX mixers are the fruit obtained through a long time of experience making and installing mixing machines in all sort of industrial sectors.

AR_MIX mixers work up the mechanical fluidification set of mixing products. Just to do it, rotating arrows are used inside of the mixing chamber, which brings about a tridimensional projection of the particles of elements to homogenize.

When the mixing process is rated can be equipped the mixing picker of elements machine, which help to obtain a perfect homogenized mix, also in constituents of different density and granulometrics.

The mix quality is so high that are obtained mixings of elements about rates of 1:10000.


Taking into account the product that we want to mix are chosen different materials for the mixing chamber's construction. Carbon steel, stainless steel, special laps, …


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