Low Level Push-type Palletizer 

PAL 600

    The low-level push-type palletizer is particularly suited for achieving medium and low speeds with stable bags that have a well-defined shape.

    Economical automation option.

PAL 600  Palletizer


    The machine is composed of a rigid structure with a vertical frame sliding on it and this holds the pallet being formed.

    The use of a PLC operating system and the presence of special actuators makes the procedures to change the format or program extremely fast and easy to perform. Different palletizing patterns can be memorized in the PLC for easy execution.

    The low-level push-type palletizer comes complete with safety devices compliant with current EC standards.



For non-standard pallet dimensions, the technical feasibility of the plant must be confirmed.

NOTE: The information listed in the chart is strictly indicative and will depend on the specific features of each machine.

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